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My mom turns into a talking clock every night.

She’ll knock on my door and inform me of the time.

"It’s midnight."

"It’s half past one"

"It’s two o’clock."

I know, mom! I have a clock in my room!!!!




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How much does the death of Allison still affect all of the characters this season?

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Funny story. A few weeks ago I went to pick up the kids I babysit, and another kid looked at me and asked.

"Is that your mom?" and the kid I babysit replied “no.”

Andthen the kid asks “Is she your grandmother then?”


Anonymous said: I loose my friends because I'm too impulsive, I want kill myself


Oh, anon, I’m so sorry you feel this way. I know how hard it is to feel lonely and that nobody likes you. I didn’t have many friends when I was a kid. I still don’t have tons of friends, but I’ve learned that I prefer to keep a smaller group just because it’s easier for me since I’m introverted.

When it was worst, I found lots of other things to occupy myself. I wrote a lot of stories and read a lot of books. I didn’t know how else to deal. It worked okay for a while - at least, it got me through school.

Mostly I can just offer you some commiseration.


Followers, do you have any advice or encouragement for this anon?

Hi. So, I’ve had a diagnosis for ADHD since I was six (maybe seven).

And I know what it’s like not to have friends. I had my first real friend when I was twelve, and before that I was always terrified to call someone my friend - I was awkward, and I thought people would be insulted being called my friend.

But I’ve learnt a very important lesson. People that ditch you because of things you can’t help - well, they aren’t really friends. Friends love you because of your impulsivity, not despite it. 

I used to be so scared. everyone had friends, and I didn’t. I didn’t get invited to birthday parties, I didn’t get asked to come over for a play-date. Growing up was lonely. For a long time I only had one friend, who I met at artclasses. And we clicked because we liked the same things (also because her other friend turned out to be a total bitch)

In high school, I didn’t get a long with my classmates. They were so cool, and I wasn’t. I liked to read, and write and do well in school. They had boyfriends, went to parties, and had friends, lots of them.

And I was impulsive and annoying. But then there was this one girl - I wouldn’t call her a friend (mostly because I never believed she considered me to be one) and she said I was funny. Because I - being impulsive - tend to make dry remarks under my breath during class. She heard them, and she thought I was funny. It’s a stupid little thing that stayed with me. Because I never thought people noticed. 

And I still only had one person I dared to call my friend.

Then I went on a Harry Potter forum. I found people with the same passions as me, people who loved writing, and reading and all the things I loved too. And I went to a meeting. And I made friends. My impulsivity made me talk to people, and those people didn’t look at me funny for it. Because it was a meeting, you’re supposed to talk to people.

I made some friends there that I still have today.

I met a girl at camp, and we clicked. we didn’t see eachother often, only two or one time a year. And she liked to make clothes, draw, watch TV-shows and she loved superheroes. Like I do.

I never really had friends at school during highschool. But I found friends outside. I made friends because we liked the same things, not out of convenience.

I got over my fear of talking to people, and after high school I walked upto a girl I knew in elementary school and high school. We talked for a very long time - and I got over my fear of calling people my friend.

I saw her again today, we talked for almost an hour, about random things. 

In college, well - I felt alone again. I had some friends - or at least I thought I did. But I felt like a “backup” friend. If there was someone else, they wouldn’t sit with me. I wasn’t invited to parties, never asked if I wanted to go with them. Until the second year - were we went out together a few times. And then someone I considered a friend - well, he stabbed me in the back, figure of speech. I won’t go into that. But it got to me, bad.

During a schooltrip to London I was one of the students who didn’t have to share a room. We had a groupassignment, and I was practically excluded by my own group. And then someone from my class - who’d been in the other class the year before - told me they were going to the pub and asked if I wanted to go with. ANd just like that, I was part of their group. Because they were nice to me, and they like me. It was also the first time I got invited to a sleepover because of me, and not just because I tagged along with my best friend. (my only friend, for a long time)

And I made more friends. Friends that accept me. They like it that I make innapropriate remarks - and they know I can’t help it. But they will also tell me when I go too far. And then I’ll apologize.

Because even though I’m impulsive, it doesn’t mean it was okay to say it. But if they’re your friends, they’ll understand you didn’t mean to hurt them, or insult them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is. I get it. Making friends looks hard, and I always thought so too. But I realised - and it’s only recently that I did - that making friends is the easiest thing in the world if they want to be your friend.

So get out there, turn your back on the people that don’t accept you. Find a facebook page of your fandom, join, go to meetings and talk to a lot of people.

And remember that not everyone is cut out to be your friend. That’s never on you, or even on them. And some people aren’t worth your time, or attention, or anything. 

And I guess the most important thing of all is if someone is mean to you, they are NOT your friend.

And if you ever need someone to talk to, you can message me. 

Also, you don’t need a lot of friends. You just need good friends. 

I love falling in love with a story.

Because stories love you back, they were made for you to love them.

Falling in love with a book is the best thing in the world. Because you can skip to the good parts and go back to it in times of pain and trouble.

Falling in love with a story is my favourite thing.

I’m always a little relieved to see I have no missed calls or texts. 


S6, E17 - Butterflies


S3, E6 - Health Scare


"Killian will do."

Captain hand it is


"Killian will do."

Captain hand it is

“It’s difficult for girls to be diagnosed unless they behave like hyperactive boys.”

From “ADHD Is Different for Women”

The standard conception of the disorder is based on studies of “hyperactive young white boys.” For females, it comes on later, and has different symptoms.

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